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Coco Cutdown

Coco Cutdown

Looking for something different to coax those leery ducks down into your spread? The Coco Cutdown is a bored out, raspy call made for just that. It is one of the most versatile cutdowns you will ever run.  From low whines and soft feeding chuckles to full out deafening raspy barks,  the coco cutdown is usable in so many different hunting situations.  Ducks often times need a change up thrown at them and this call has what it takes to make them commit. They simply cannot resist it! Made from rich in color Cocobolo wood, this call is sleeved in African Blackwood and finished with oil and wax. 


Calls are made to order,  so there will be a lead time. If you want to know a better estimate of when your call will be finished and sent to you, please contact us.

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