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Our Story

Growing Up and Getting Married

I grew up in the suburbs of Waco, Texas. I had some great-grandparents who lived on a farm in Iowa that we visited every year. I saw my great-grandmother, who I called : "GiGi On The Farm" (so as not to confuse her with my other wonderful great-grandmother, GiGi) care for her vegetable gardens and corn fields, their sheep, dairy cows, and chickens, the land, and the picturesque red barn and farmhouse. She cooked everything from scratch (her farm to her table) and made the best meals of mashed potatoes, creamed corn, pork chops and gravy, green beans, and the grand finale of a blackberry crumble or a rhubarb pie. I remember watching her work in the kitchen to make the meal, never using a cookbook or even measuring cups. She had this graceful and wise flow about her. This is where I was first introduced to the hard work and determination that it takes to live a sustainable lifestyle. I was interested in growing my own food (veggies, meat, fruits, dairy) and the processes to store your harvest. 

Konrad, was "rescued" from the city lifestyle when his father accepted a new job as Summer Camp Director at a Christian summer camp, Frontier Camp. From a young age, Konrad was always a hard worker; mowing, cutting firewood, and working heavy machinery. He learned woodworking from his father as well as many maintenance skills. He worked full time at camp on maintenance while also doing ranch management for several different ranches. Every free moment he had was spent out in the woods hunting or on his boat fishing.

 *Que our meeting*

I grew up attending Frontier Camp as a camper. I specifically remember seeing nugget-Konrad working a tractor and I told my camp friends that I was going to marry him. (What girl at summer camp didn't say that though?) Konrad was THE Frontier Camp bachelor, being the summer camp director's son. (At least, that's how I viewed him.)  By the time I was 17 (2015), I was working at camp as a counselor and activity leader. At the time, Konrad was head of boats and I was assigned to be a spotter on his boat. We became friends and bonded over our shared love for The Cranberries and the movie, O' Brother Where Art Thou. The next summer (2016), Konrad was working at an internship away from camp but began to write me letters as I worked a full summer. Towards the end of the summer, my GiGi passed away and Konrad immediately made the drive from Houston to Grapeland. He washed my car, checked the oil, fluids, and tire pressure and drove us the 8 hours to Amarillo the next morning. Knowing how selfless and capable he was and watching him get along with my family members in such a hard time, helped me realize I loved him. The next spring he proposed by taking me on a horse-back scavenger hunt across camp. On November 17, 2017 we were married in a little nook in the woods at Frontier Camp. 

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Growing Up and Getting Married

The Dream and the Decision

We started looking for houses all over the Houston area. We knew we wanted land so that we could have our own little farm, complete with animals and a garden. We both new that living in the country would mean long hours of commuting to work, but it is worth it in our book! It was just as we had dreamed when we drove down the tree lined driveway and into the clearing where our little home lay nestled among pine trees. It was the first time we had looked at a house and I had nothing I would want to change about it. The Lord has blessed us immensely with our cute home and sweet, sweet land. Since then, we have been taking projects on one at a time so that we can be good stewards of what we have been given.

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