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Field Bred Golden Retrievers

We have carefully selected to breed dogs that have a long family line of field experience. The sire and dam are both in excellent health, and have passed their clearances. They both are intelligent and attentive in the field and remarkably tolerant in the home- they are toddler approved!

Heidi Ready Ranger Belle

AKC #SS07755205

HR Master's Why So Serious

AKC #SR98771901

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Meet the Breeder

I grew up hunting with my lab. I had the opportunity to be taught how to train dogs under a professional. As my lab passed the age of hunting and I started a family, we decided to get a new hunting dog and family companion. We got Heidi, a golden retriever. Her intelligence and drive in the field is so fun to watch and we love how she switches to chill and docile when she's home with our toddler.

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How did we get into breeding?

We decided to get into breeding since our girl, Heidi, has such an amazing bloodline and has proven to be an excellent companion in the field and home. We train dogs part time. People kept bringing their dogs to us, hoping we could train them to be attentive in the field. None of the dogs that were brought to us had a lick of sense or drive when it came to the field.

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What makes our breeding program special?

We have carefully chosen dogs with an extensive family tree in hunting and field. Our female is raised and cared for in our home. The puppies are whelped in our home.

Health tests

We have all the health tests and clearances done for both parents according to the outline determined by the OFA for Golden Retrievers. 

Puppy application

If you're interested in a puppy from Golden Acres LLC, please apply. You'll be asked to provide information about yourself and what you are looking for so we can help you find the right match.

getting your dog home

You can pick up your pup from our home in Magnolia, Texas


Males: There is still 1 male available of the five. 

Females: Only 1 female available of the three.

Go Home Date

December 22 earliest possible pickup